“Amy’s Quantum Healing is awesome! She directed the energy where it needed to be, and I immediately felt it, just as she described. She patiently guided the energy throughout my body, which cleared and activated my own, and the feeling was fabulous. I felt cleansed, energized, yet peaceful; a feeling which lasted well into the next day. Amy has a real talent, and everyone should try this dynamic healing.”


Steve Nealon

“I had never heard of energy healing before until Amy introduced it to me 4 months ago.  I battled with high anxiety, high blood pressure, bitterness, anger, insomnia, fatigue & arthritis pain, so with all these symptoms, I didn’t have anything to lose!  After my first session, I felt an immediate change.  For once in a very long time, I was filled with hope and felt at peace with everything.  I even slept soundly through the night.  After a few sessions, all of my physical & emotional symptoms were gone!  Granted, I still have bouts of joint pain, but it doesn’t happen very often & the stiffness/pain level is at a minimum.  I have experienced many benefits from these sessions.  I am happier than I’ve been in several years.  I feel relaxed, balanced, focused, energized, confident & an overall sense of well-being.  I am now on a maintenance schedule.  I love the outcome of these sessions.  Amy, thank you so much!  I am new person – it feels so good to be alive again!  You have a special & unique gift!  Oh & did I mention that you are amazing too!?”

Tanya Schmitt

“I have had lower back problems for at least 10 years.  And, I have known Amy for even longer than that.  Recently Amy has shared with me that she started doing energy work and I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical, but throughout the years I found that Amy’s character is unmatched and she is an extremely trustworthy person.  So, I agreed to allow her to try some energy work on my lower back. The process was pleasant and I couldn’t believe how it felt immediately and how much better my back felt in the following days, it was absolutely remarkable! I would highly suggest giving Amy and her gift a chance at helping you feel better!”

Keith Howard

“The healing process that Amy delivers is highly effective.  Each time, as my body opens up to the energy, I feel warmth and tingling sensations all over.  I have found that with each session, I feel a sense of renewal, rejuvenation and extreme relaxation.  Any pain that I have at the time of the session is alleviated, if not immediately, by the next day.”

Carolyn Phillips