Feel free to contact me with any questions or to book a session!



Snapchat: amyhwillis

Skype: awwandyay


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Amy’s Quantum Healing is awesome! She directed the energy where it needed to be, and I immediately felt it, just as she described. She patiently guided the energy throughout my body, which cleared and activated my own, and the feeling was fabulous. I felt cleansed, energized, yet peaceful; a feeling which lasted well into the next day. Amy has a real talent, and everyone should try this dynamic healing.


    Steve Nealon

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  2. Testimonial for Amy Harper Willis…
    I was having trouble with my left knee for over a year. When the level of pain became unbearable without any of my inner questions about the issue bringing any answers, I surrendered to finally asking for help from someone else. Through a series of coincidences I asked Amy, and the process was amazing. All I had to do was breathe, relax and pay attention or observe. The results are not easy to describe; but I can say that while the issue was complex, the solutions occured naturally, with ease on many levels. I also noticed that after the pain left, I experienced a shift in my internal attitudes. Hard to explain but an easy and natural process. I felt so much at ease, safe and fully supported and Loved during the session. Afterwards I was able to allow so much more self acceptance and self love to well up within me and for days I was able to access a deep connection with my Higher Source. Thank you Amy, through your connection, you show others their way! Blessings Janel Clarke


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