For the Inquiring Mind

I’ve not written a blog post in such a long time, so here goes nothing.  I must preface this post by saying that I was prompted to write the following because as I’ve been facilitating session work recently and sharing more openly with various groups and have had quite a number of inquiries into to the work I’m doing and I felt the need to be less generalized and to give a bit more in-depth/expansive perspective into what “holding space” or “facilitating sessions” means to me.

For those who have participated in my sessions before, you probably already know this, and in case you haven’t, I use the chakras as reference points within the physical body that are fairly basic and easy for most to understand – I do this not because I only work specifically on the chakras – but as a general means of focus in the body.  I find that this helps, coupled with the breathing, to assist in the movement of energy within the field so that those participating find themselves in a relaxed state fairly quickly – this relaxed state is imperative in the release of resistance necessary for the energy brought forth during a session to “do its job,” to integrate, and to be allowed.  This focus on the chakras also assists in “making room” – releasing what no longer serves – and creates space for energy to be received.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve tried various methods to assist others in reaching this relaxed state and find that the use of the chakras as focal points has been most beneficial – in time, this may change, but for now it works remarkably well.  I feel like I must also say that I have not formally been trained in any other energy work/energy healing modalities and that this process is something that has evolved for me over the last few years, intuitively and based on biofeedback from clients.

Because I’ve not shared this with very many people, for various reasons, I feel that now is an appropriate time to be a bit more open about the sessions that I facilitate.  I do not like to label the work I do because I find labeling, based on intentionality alone, extremely limiting (it even feels restrictive ) – as I know the potential lies within the vastness of limitlessness – and I like for those I’m working with to experience any and all expansion that is equal to their vibration, desire and allowing.  I don’t like to put a lid on any of it.  Because of this, when explaining how the sessions work, I typically keep it very general.  But at this point, I feel that keeping things broad and generalizing is also somewhat limiting in its own right.

Some folks prefer keeping it “simple” and sticking with the idea of chakra attunement/alignment and so forth, which is perfectly fine, because this does happen during the session and this is very beneficial.  But – for depth and perspective – I’d just like to share more about myself and what I’ve come to know about some of the guides and energies that I work with (but, feel it’s worth mentioning that everyone has their own guides and energies that they work with, and that these energies and guides are always fluctuating depending on our vibratory stance.)

I am a facilitator|conduit and open and omnipresent Being to many guides.  In my session work, I create a sacred space/hold space in which one can release resistance and essentially access the energies/frequencies of the guides, collectives, beings, etc. meant for them/the collective in that moment – for the benefit of healing, clearing, expansion, activation, attunement, etc. – that is equal to their vibration/frequency, desire and allowing.  Whatever is “received” or released during the sessions is perfect and in divine order according to the unique energetic path/spiritual journey each individual is experiencing.  The benefits of experiencing energy in this way are immeasurable – I’ve been a witness to so many different outcomes.  I’ve had people come to me amidst a panic attack and within a couple of minutes they felt a profound sense of calm.  I’ve had folks reach out to me who were in the throes of an emotional crisis and the session brought them back to a place of neutrality and clarity.  I’ve also had others experiencing pain within the physical body and within a short time their pain had drastically minimized or all-together disappeared.  And I’ve also witnessed folks intent on expansion report back their very own personal epiphanies and ah-ha moments.  It’s simply a matter of coming into the space, relaxing into the potential, clearing out space within your field and allowing what is available to you in the now.

As I stated before, I believe that due to our unique individual journeys and energetic signatures, we all have a vast array of guides/beings/energies etc. working with us at all times – whether we are conscious of these aspects or not.  As for me, I am aware of a few different guides/collectives/energies that I work with consciously.  As for the first guide I’d like to share about, I want to give a bit of a back story for context.  I’ve been drawn to crystals and gems for a long time and began actively using them for their various metaphysical and healing properties a few years ago.  When I first began using crystals, I would find that I could feel very tangibly and palpably, in my body, the different energies and personalities of the various stones I was using.  I would also sense a shift in my field of awareness rather noticeably.  And I also noticed that it would take a very short amount of time to attune to the frequency of the stones – as if they quickly became a part of me, or as if they were a key to unlocking what I already knew was within.  So it was very synchronistic and very validating for me to come to know that I have a guide by the name of “Gem.” and this guide is one of a 7th dimensional Pleiadian collective.  “She” is a feminine energy that assists me in working within crystalline energies and since becoming aware of my ability to work within this dimensional energy, has truly facilitated a deeper knowing that whatever crystal/gem and it’s properties or healing benefits are equal to what I already hold within.  It’s been a remembering that there is no need to look for these frequencies outside of myself.   I do utilize this knowing in my session work – it is my intention – when I create the space for the session, I know that any of crystalline energies and their corresponding metaphysical properties or healing benefits will be made available to those participating in the session if appriopriate.  Now mind you, this is not to say that I don’t absolutely love love love my crystals – I have so many and I revere them; they are my dear friends.  As a matter of fact, I was just gifted a record keeper ruby a few days ago and had the most remarkable experience with it in meditation – an experience I will share another time.

Another guide I feel and am aware of most-often is Jesus, not in the Jesus-as-a-person sense, but the Christ Consciousness.  For me, it’s a feeling/a deep knowing, and I feel distinctly in my body when this energy is present (and there aren’t really proper words to explain all of this as words just don’t do any of it justice) and while some may only know Jesus as a figure from religious text, in my experience, this Christ Consciousness is one of a wide range of crystalline energetics.  While I have the ability to work into the Pleiadian energies and beyond, I know that the Christ Consciousness is to be used as a multidimensional tool.

For me, and the energy that I work with, grounding is extremely important and necessary – as it is for everyone in this time.  I am aware of a guide that I have by the name of Chief Mohawk, who is sort of representative of a collective of native energies that are “located” in and around my sacral center.  This native energy/collective is here to assist me with grounding and connecting to Mother Earth energies – which is vitally important for each of us – as well as Mother Earth herself.  I do call forth the assistance of these guides when facilitating grounding during session work.  There is so much healing and information available to each of us just by connecting and grounding our fields with that of the Mother Earth – there is a profound sense of peace and harmony that comes with this connection.

Finally, I know that I am here in this time to magnify and magnetize the Divine Feminine.  To anchor in the Divine Feminine is to embody a deeply held connection to Mother Earth, nature, Love, and creation and I see all the ways this energy has been impacting me for longer than I may realize.  In hindsight I see clearly how stepping more fully into this energy has softened me, made me more fluid and open and tolerant and loving and nurturing, while at the same time, has helped me step more fully into some of the aspects of the Divine Feminine that I may have resisted or blocked, out of fear or because of past conditioning.  I also see, in my experience, how the magnification of the Divine Feminine is allowing such healing and clearing of so many timelines and lineages, particularly those heavy with density as a result of a masculine imbalance.  This has been my experience, anyway.  I won’t go too deeply into multidimensionality or the healing of lineages…for now.

I guess the only other things I would like to share about myself and this session work is that it is beneficial for all – no matter the age, gender, religious affiliation.  It does not contraindicate any medications you may be taking.  However…I have had some clients come to me when they are coming off of a prescription medication that is causing withdrawal symptoms.  While this is not substitute for any tapering methods or directives given by a physician, I have witnessed it helping shorten the length of withdrawal or minimize symptoms…which is always a bonus.  I have found also, having a few clients that I have worked with regularly for nearly 3 years, that this session work is particularly useful when working within the emotional body.  I believe that this is tied to the rise in the Divine Feminine also, but that is just my intuitive take.

Aside from the session work and guides and collectives, I have brought forth my own energy in this time – this energy resides in the area of my crown and kind of swirls around – it is golden/white/iridescent energy that streams from the top of my head down into my arms and out of my hands. I’ve experienced numerous activations when becoming aware of this energy and have seen and experienced this energy in several visions.  I do call forth this energy in my session work, but find that this is most beneficial in any hands-on healing that I’m given the opportunity to do.  This energy is such a beautiful, cleansing, high-frequency energy and I’ve been told (although I’ve not gotten too much opportunity to work with children) that this particular energy is really good when working with pregnant women, infants, children as well as animals. I have actually worked both remotely and hands-on with a few dogs, all with positive feedback and results.

I should probably add, because I’ve been asked this a lot, that I do not communicate with spirit in a way in which I receive and am able to relay messages – that’s not how it works for me, not now, anyway. However, once I connect with someone, because I am highly empathic and am tuning in more intuitively, I can provide insight or perspective. I must say, I do enjoy when someone trusts me enough to come to me for advice or direction, I love holding space for others in this way as well.

All this said, I think that it’s important to know oneself as an energetic being. I like knowing this about myself and I am passionate about others coming to know this for themselves too. It adds such a magical and empowering layer to this life here on Earth. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who my guides are, it’s important to know that we all have these teams of non-physical energies available to us all the time. So, knowing when you engage in session work, it’s not about what I bring forth – it’s truly, and simply a matter of coming into the space, relaxing into the potential, clearing out space within your field and allowing what is available to you in the now. Filling your energetic container with more of what is beneficial for and supportive of you in your journey of growth and expansion. And I’m here to be of service in any way I can. Much love to each and every one of you.