Let’s talk about “Frame of Knowledge” and the necessity to think outside the box, shall we?

“Most people are only looking inside our frame of knowledge, in other words, they only relate to what they can see, verify and test.  They rely only on their 5 senses to tell them what their reality is.  They are only using their sensory level to define their frame of knowledge in the time we are living.  This frame, however, seems to change when science can tell us that something is true.  Our frame of knowledge is constantly changing since science is showing us ‘new’ truths.  Our frame of knowledge has been changing as long as we have lived on this planet.  It is about time we realize that something can be a reality even though we can’t use our 5 senses to verify it.”

Open your mind.  We ought to realize that what we think is impossible today might be a totally obvious and known fact in 10 years time.  Perfect example:  cell phones.  Who would have ever thought that we would have the ability to talk to someone across the globe on this tiny gadget that has the capacity to store thousands of songs and take pictures – completely wireless.  If you would have told me back in the day when I used to talk to my friends from the phone with a cord six miles long that hung on the kitchen wall that one day I’d be able to talk, in private, on this tiny little rectangle electronic device without a cord….that junk would have gotten a resounding “YEAH RIGHT!”  I mean, bag phones weren’t even a thing then.  But now, cell phones are a totally common-place thing, completely wireless, and the people of the world’s “frame of knowledge” has since changed because of them. 

Just because you can’t see it…doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar in your own life, something that changed your “frame of knowledge.”  Maybe you’ve read a book or seen a movie that just triggered something in you and you had that Everyone-I-Know-Needs-To-Experience-This-Too-RIGHT-NOW Moment.  Maybe you’ve had one of those experiences that sort of forced you to see things in a different way.  There are so many things that can be talked to death, explained and regurgitated in different ways over and over, but there’s something to be said about actually experiencing something, and in this “new” experience, knowing that you’ll never be able to go back to that “old” way of thinking.  And, just like that…your “frame of knowledge” changed.

Personally, I’ve had quite a few of these frame-changing experiences as of late, but I would like to share one in particular that was just, as Oprah likes to call it, an “Aha!” moment for me.  A while back, I went through this period of time where I was watching tons of pretty obscure YouTube videos (it’s addicting, I tell ya) and one night I happened to come across this one video called “Sacred Knowledge of Vibrations and Water.”  (I will embed the video below if you care to watch)  The guy in the video has really ridiculous hair and the video is 19 minutes long, but once I watched this video, my “frame of knowledge” absolutely changed.  Unless you watch and experience the video (WHICH YOU SHOULD!) for yourself, I understand that “Sacred Knowledge of Vibrations and Water” potentially sounds awfully boring and not very interesting at all – BUT – if you watch this video and really think and understand how it applies to you, your body, your life, and everything else for that matter…no doubt you will be amazed.

The part of the video that was so profound for me was when it showed what happens when water is exposed to the vibration of certain words such as “thank you,” “love and appreciation,” and “you make me sick I will kill you.”  The vibration of certain words actually changes the water at a molecular level.  For instance, when exposed to the words “thank you” or “love and appreciation,” the actual molecular shape of the water changes into this beautiful snow-flake-looking geometrical shape.  Whereas, when exposed to the words “you make me sick I will kill you,” the molecular shape of the water looks chaotic and erratic, like an explosion.  The real “Aha!” moment came for me when I coupled this new information with the known fact that our bodies are made of practically 90% water.  From that moment forward, this new-found knowledge of vibration and frequency became something that I put a lot of time into wanting to learn and understand.  Something as simple as the words we speak, the music we listen to, or the thoughts and feelings we have, absolutely has a direct impact on us at a molecular level.

Unfortunately, the Law of Vibration might not be as well-known as, let’s say, the Law of Gravity.  But, when you open yourself up to this information and you begin to understand that everything – and I mean everything – moves and vibrates, you begin to look at the world around you a bit differently.   This realization, that all that you see around you – the table, car, tree, even our thoughts and feelings – is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you, once understood, has the potential to really change one’s “frame of knowledge” IF that person can get past that age-old way of thinking that just because they can’t see it…it isn’t possible.

Let’s go back to experience.  I know that I’m always posting something or another on Facebook about energy or vibration or frequency and, you know, it’s one of those things that if you don’t make yourself aware of these concepts…if you don’t open yourself up to these ideas and change your “frame of knowledge” it’s easy to see those words and bypass them with not another thought.  The same thing can be said for energy work.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of people who are super open to learning about and experiencing the energy work that I do and although they may not understand it at first, once they have had the experience, once they have felt the energy so palpably they realize that just because they couldn’t SEE IT, it happened.  They felt it.  It’s quite an undeniable experience – a true “Aha!” moment for them, for sure.  Their “frame of knowledge” then changes.  On the other side of the coin, I’ve had people tell me that they think that “energy work,” and the like, is total new age bullsh*t.  And, you know…that’s totally fine, too.

The energy work, for me, is my Everyone-I-Know-Needs-To-Experience-This-Too-RIGHT-NOW thing, and for several reasons. First of all, when I started learning about all of this stuff, I was happy to have finally been introduced to such beautiful concepts that I had not previously known but, at the same time, totally bummed wishing I had known about this YEARS AGO (thanks for nothing, school)!  Second of all, why wait to experience energy work 10 years from now when it becomes common-knowledge?  Do it now!  Think outside the box!  Be ahead of the game!  Unless you’re just completely afraid of change, why not enjoy a new experience that could potentially change your “frame of knowledge”?  Most of all, I’ve seen how very beneficial this work can be for those who open themselves up to the experience. Being able to help others, in any way I can, brings me such joy and I am so appreciative of the opportunity.  It does my soul good to share anything that I think may help or benefit someone in some way, or at the very least, bring a smile to someone’s face.

I encourage those who took the time to read this to, at the very least, give the “Sacred Knowledge of Vibrations and Water” video a chance, if you’re not already familiar, of course. Again, the man’s hair is awful and the video looks like it came straight out the 80’s, but hasn’t your mama ever told you to not judge a book by its cover?!  And, if you’ve had any of these “Aha!” moments that truly changed your “frame of knowledge,” please share!  I’d love to hear about them!  But most importantly, don’t be afraid to break the mold, think outside of the box, and change your own “frame of knowledge.”  Don’t depend on others to gain knowledge in this world…use that beautiful brain in that beautiful body of yours and if you come across something that sparks your interest, as unconventional as it may seem, watch it/read it/experience it!  One can NEVER have enough “Aha!” moments, so create your own.

Sacred knowledge of Vibrations and Water: